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The objective of the Passive Experiment Carrier (PEC) is to provide a common carrier for the MIR Environmental Effects Payload (MEEP) environmental risk mitigation experiments, and to provide a common interface to the Shuttle and Mir. Each of the four PECs (one for each science experiment) consists of three components: (1) Sidewall Carrier with mechanisms, (2) Experiment Container, and (3) Handrail Clamp. The Sidewall Carrier mounts to a Shuttle Increased Capacity Adaptive Payload Carrier (ICAPC) in the Shuttle's payload bay in bays 11 and 12, port and starboard. The Experiment Container houses the science experiments (via an experiment plate) and is attached via cradle and latches to the Sidewall Carrier in the Shuttle's payload bay for transport to the Mir. The Handrail Clamp assembly is stored in a Spacehab locker and is used to attach the Experiment Containers to the Mir/Shuttle docking module handrails. The Handrail Clamp provides the means to orient the science experiments during the EVA deployment.

PEC Components
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Sidewall Carrier 1 Sidewall Carrier 2 Experiment Carrier Handrail Clamp
sidewall1.gifsidewall2.gif exp_container.gifrail_clamp.gif

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